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Good Brand Senior Living

Our expertise in Senior Living and brand building comes together to provide a more effective way for your community to reach your prospects.

Good Brand Senior Living is your dedicated partner in the digital space. Our team boasts deep knowledge of digital trends, data analysis, and evolving online behaviors, combined with a compassionate and personal approach. We understand the intricacies of your senior living community and strategically position your brand to thrive in the digital world.



Our History in Senior Living.

With our extensive experience working with communities across the United States and expertise in today’s technology, we understand the complexities of modern Life Plan Communities/CCRC’s. We are committed to creating superior products and services that support our clients at the highest level. The focus is to ensure our partners are getting the best results to help grow both their communities and market presence.

Beyond The Norm


Our Services

The landscape of senior living is transforming, driven by digital advancements and changing demographics. Good Brand Senior Living helps you stay ahead of the curve, leveraging data-driven insights, and trend-savvy strategies. We’re committed to guiding your community into the digital age, ensuring you’re not just keeping pace, but leading the change.

At Good Brand, we go beyond the norm to bring you the services you need for your community’s success. Our unique and qualified view of the Life Plan industry enables us to provide you with a range of services, from strategy and planning to traditional advertising and marketing support to utilizing the latest technology to achieve your goals.

\ Persona Mapping
\ Brand Strategy & Planning
\ Target Market Identification
\ Brand Platforms
\ Marketing Plan Development
\ Marketing Budget Creation
\ Online Strategies
\ Corporate ID Development
\ Naming & Logo Creation


\ Media Plan & Buying
\ Sales Collateral Creation
\ Photography & Video
\ Website Development
\ Traditional Ad Creation
\ Direct Mail Services
\ E-Blast Campaigns
\ Social Media Setup & Management
\ Online Video Creation
\ TV & Radio Development
\ Outdoor Advertising


\ Resident Portals
\ Marketing & Sales Portals
\ Senior Living CRM
\ Marketing Automation
\ iPad Sales Tools
\ Digital Marketing Platforms
\ Web Hosting
\ Cloud & Team Collaboration Services
\ Drone Images & Footage
\ Senior Living Educational Seminars
\ Training & Education
\ Technology Advice & Procurement


We Have Done It. No More Re-Inventing The Wheel


Our Process

Our digital-first working process is the key to the unique, results-driven campaigns we deliver at Good Brand Senior Living. Here’s a glimpse into how we craft innovative, resonant, and effective advertising strategies for senior living communities.


The journey begins with discovery. We immerse ourselves in understanding your senior living community: the people, the atmosphere, the amenities, and the unique experiences you provide. We also identify your target audience and understand their digital habits, concerns, and preferences.


Armed with valuable insights, we then develop a comprehensive, digital-first advertising strategy. This includes selecting the most impactful online platforms, defining key messages, and setting measurable goals. We strive to align our strategy with your brand’s mission, vision, and values, ensuring that our approach resonates with your target audience.


In this phase, we breathe life into our strategies. Our creative team designs compelling visuals and crafts engaging content tailored to each digital platform. We emphasize authenticity, crafting stories that celebrate your community’s unique qualities while appealing to the emotions and needs of your audience.


Next, we launch your campaign across the digital landscape. We schedule each piece of content for optimal engagement, considering factors like peak user activity and platform-specific algorithms. Throughout implementation, we maintain a clear, consistent line of communication, keeping you informed about progress and any necessary adjustments.


After the campaign launch, we closely monitor its performance, using real-time analytics to gauge effectiveness. We track metrics like engagement rates, conversion rates, and audience growth, providing you with transparent, comprehensible reports.


Based on the insights derived from analytics, we refine our strategies, making necessary adjustments to maximize results. This ongoing process ensures that your campaigns remain effective, relevant, and in line with evolving digital trends and audience behaviors.


Sure, we offer all these great services, but we also have something a little special up our sleeves…

The Annual


Life Plan Marketing Summit.

Exclusively designed for sales and marketing leaders of Life Plan Communities & CCRC’s.

Are you facing challenges with your waitlist? Interested in expanding to a new market or leveraging marketing automation? Wondering how to make the most of data in your CRM? Join us for two full days of immersive sessions that dive deep into these topics and more.

Our summit provides an opportunity to connect with colleagues in the field and learn from instructional presentations, breakouts, and one-on-one sessions. You will walk away with actionable insights and inspiration from a stellar lineup of speakers and discussion moderators.

We understand the unique challenges of the Life Plan industry and have created this summit to help you overcome them. From discovering new marketing strategies to understanding data analytics, our summit provides a platform to take your marketing efforts to the next level.

Don’t miss this opportunity to join us and discover the latest marketing trends and best practices to drive growth for your community.

To learn more and register your spot at the Life Plan Marketing Summit click below:



Show and tell.

We could tell you about our work, and we will. However we find it’s also useful to show you. See Them All \\\\\