Crafting exceptional homes

Background - Whitlock Builders is a custom home builder committed to creating beautiful residential structures of the highest integrity. Our team understands the extraordinary journey of custom home building and strives to create a first-class experience, since 1957.

Challenge - The brand has a well-established history with a great reputation in the community. Our task was to find a way to build upon that legacy and elevate the brand. We also needed to bring the marketing operations up to date. Traditional advertising and lead generation has worked for them, but we needed to expand into the digital realm to reach new and more potential clients.





Level up the legacy

We needed to look at everything from the foundation up. We had to investigate not only the company, but the market and demographic. On the surface everything was working, but we needed to take a deeper and more detailed look to see how we could help them refine what was existing that was great and then build upon it to expand and grow.

What came out of all our research was a year long marketing plan that included a revamp and refine of all existing materials, a big push into digital and one heck of an event to promote their 65th anniversary and partner with a great cause at the same time.



Become iconic

There was so much good about the Whitlock brand that we didn't want to retract from it, but enhance it in a thoughtful and purposeful way. With great recognition in the community, we set our sites on refining what was there and then adding an icon to it. The progression was natural. An icon that could stand on it's own over time. The phrase that goes with it was "The Whitlock Way" which was an internal motto for doing things the right way with integrity, passion, precision and the highest of standards.

\ New Logo



Tradition without feeling traditional. The clients of Whitlock Builders are used to a higher standard of excellence so we wanted all the new collateral and materials to reflect this. The precision and thoughtfulness of the results show through.


This is where we get to flex the new Whitlock Builders digital muscle. We curated a guided experience specific to the targeted demographics we wanted to reach. We all it the gateway. The opening full screen experience shows an artful approach to the idea of concept to reality. The tools and and designed cues allows the targeted user to get the information they seek all within a single click. It all speaks from the foundational work.



Whitlock Builders has a heart for legacy, giving back, and planning for the future. We recognized this immediately and thought it was a unique positioning point to market about the company. We executed a photoshoot that showcased their employees and trade partners in the field. We've all seen the beautiful photos of the homes, but what about the real people that make it all happen. Whitlock Builders knows the importance of trades in the field so they are investing in the future by giving back and even sponsoring a new trades high school that is in development.