Since 1958...

Background - 10 Park Lanes is an iconic staple in the Charlotte area. It's been around since 1958. In 2011, it changed hands and went through an extensive renovation. This family oriented bowling alley thrived for many many years and evolved as well with the changing times and needs of their customers.

Challenge - Times are changing rapidly and the wants of the customers have expanded through other like establishments opening the area. These players in the marketing are varied and diverse as well. The Charlotte landscape over the past few years has become a haven for great food, breweries and multiple service offerings per business. 10 Park Lanes needed to change and evolve to remain relevant and revitalize it's image along with it's culture.





Changing with the times

The solution seemed simple: Evolve. As you can imagine that's easier said than done. We had to figure out what exactly needed to be offered and had the best appeal to the customers in the area. We embarked on a national road trip to investigate what was out there and why. After months of collecting data, a strategy was emerged. If 10 Park Lanes was to survive that had to be drastic change inside and out.

The offerings to the customer had to expand. The venue itself had to change to accommodate the new offerings. The design and aesthetic has to change as well. It was time to go to work.



It's a destination

The name 10 Park Lanes had been around for so long and had such great value with the area, the decision to evolve it rather than change it was an easy one, but how to do it? We knew the offering was so much more than just bowling now. So how can we convey it in the brand? The visual representation of what's to come and being offered. Ten Park 360 was born.

The layered meaning of the new brand spoke to the culture's needs, showcased their new offerings and style, while embracing the long standing brand of the past.




As you can imagine, we needed a website to match the new evolution across the board. It had to utilize the latest and "coolest" functionality a website could while showcasing all that was new in service, but with an aesthetic that elevated the brand to a new height. The logic and usability gave the customer great peace of mind and everything they wanted to see and know within one click.


One of the beauties of working on projects like this is the collaborative process with like-minded professionals. We had the pleasure of working alongside architects, interior designers and others to help craft the full vision of the new 10 Park 360. This included major interior and exterior renovations.

This is just a very small sampling of all of the creative that rolled out through the process. Along with a few items here, full interior design and graphics of just about every surface of the interior was performed. The result was exactly what we all hoped it would be.