Encouraging tactical growth

Background - Synergy Sports Global is a full-service development and management company for sports-oriented facilities. Synergy’s services provide a turnkey operation that helps develop and manage facilities for sports training, health and wellness, recreation, and other large sports complexes. The organization enjoys relationships with some of the country’s top suppliers (including surface companies, equipment brands, architects, general contractors, and leading sports marketing and branding agencies). These connections and Synergy’s ability to work solutions and deliver projects on time and under budget make them attractive facility development partners.

Challenge - Synergy fills a distinct niche in the fitness and wellness marketplace. Providing clients with a seamless development operation is essential, but much of their work remains behind the scenes. Given their success often goes unnoticed (by design), there was market confusion regarding their specific role and benefits. Synergy was easily mistaken for one of the facilities it helped develop and manage.



Turnkey Services

The GBC team worked with Synergy to create and then communicate a new definitive positioning strategy. Relationships and experience were the fundamental principles of the Synergy brand. We developed a new website with more straightforward navigation that highlighted the various turnkey services and focused on the benefits of their service.

The unique design and copy made it clear that Synergy is a brand, not a single facility or a gym or fitness center.



The Foundation

GBC worked closely with Synergy to develop a new logo, website, and collateral materials to support their new messaging. The updated logo design conveys energy and movement to establish the sports-oriented nature of the brand.

A visually clean website with straightforward navigation educates the visitor on Synergy’s unique role and services. The copy and messaging unequivocally note that Synergy is a complete turnkey resource for any entity wanting to develop a fitness or wellness facility.




This niche market is built on referrals, face-to-face meetings and relationships. A business card and overview brochure were appropriate solutions for these interactions. This allowed space and just enough information for a conversation to continue.


Being in a niche market, the website had to convey a uniqueness that would match the market, but still have easy-to-use navigation and functionality to keep the user engaged.