30 Years in the Making

Background - PMD Advisory Services is a national market research and consulting firm that provides market feasibility analysis, consumer research, strategic planning services, advisory services, and detailed demographic and geographic data products for the senior living and health care industry. The menu of services and level of expertise had evolved over many years in the marketplace.

Challenge - The company evolved over its 30-year history under various names, starting with Public Demographics Inc and then Project Management Decisions, both of which had a broader research focus. As the company’s services expanded to consulting and advising, the name changed to PMD Advisory Services to better reflect the full spectrum of services. It was time for a brand update to accurately represent the more robust menu of services, showcase their expertise, and infuse new energy into a 30-year-old organization.





A New Look

GBC determined that PMD Advisors needed a new look and a website design that encapsulated the various services. The new website would serve as an education tool on the value and benefit of their services to their client’s bottom line.

Developing content that highlighted the cost-benefit and importance of each service would help their prospects and clients understand the value of the data and expertise they were leveraging from PMD Advisors for their decision-making and goal setting.



Staying on Target

We began by updating an established but staid logo with a fresh, dynamic look. Our GBC team worked with the concept of “targeted data” by incorporating a professional look with a subtle target and infographic design. PMD Advisors works with forward-thinking clients who thoughtfully plan for the future. Data and statistics are typically dry topics, but the results reveal new trends and exciting opportunities.

Ultimately the work is engaging, insightful, and (we are just going to say it) FUN, and those qualities need to be incorporated in the site design. The look and feel needed to highlight the “why” in using expert use of data, which is to provide expert analysis. Following the updated logo, we developed a new website with clean navigation to quickly locate their impressive list of professional services and access case studies and examples of how their data and advising services generated remarkable results.




With the new strategy and brand set in place it was time to create and deploy all new materials into the market. This evolution and expansion came in the form of all new corporate ID materials and an in-depth website showcasing the breath and scope of all that PMD does, across the country.



The foundational elements have all been set. It was time to get the word out in the industry. This came in the form of ads and a postcard campaign. We researched and studied the target demographic and then developed creative and a strategy around it to speak to them, or rather Listen to them.