Living and Thriving "At Home"

Background - Navigation at Home is a new innovative way for Salemtowne Senior Living Community to reach prospects that want to age-in-place. Creating a program to educate the marketplace and a difficult to reach consumer brought a challenge that we loved.

Challenge - Essentially, the offering is to age in your own home with the support services that a person would experience in a senior living community. This challenge was all about educating the market with a clear step by step process that would walk them through the benefits of becoming a member.





A New Look

Their past look and name didn't create any level of interest or benefit. We set out to rethink how and why the program existed, untie it from the community, and illicit a curiosity that would intrigue the prospect.

We worked with Navigation to change the name to Navigation at Home. It spoke to the idea that it wasn't part of the sponsoring senior living community. This was key to the beginning of the education. "At Home" meant that seniors could age-in-place with support if the need arose in the future.



Not So Literal - Add More Clever

We find that being too literal leads to a ho-hum interest in some services and products. With our new name, nest egg icon, and modern look, we created a pleasing logo that spoke to securing the future of your finances and the family. We also developed the tagline - PROTECTION - COORDINATION - CARE. This speaks to the 3 main positioning points of the product offering.




The website was the education foundation to the entire process. Using a step-by-step navigation, we walked away from the traditional - HOME, ABOUT US, NEWS, CONTACT and embraced the idea of helping the person navigate the site based on where they are in the process. This created a helpful way for people to learn in the proper order. "What is the Navigation", "Why is it important", "How will it help me", etc...

The corporate ID came along for the ride. Creating a consistent look, feel, and helped to build the brand standards along with the website and brochure.



Creating an ad campaign that was eye-catching and informative is right up our alley. We used simple graphics and concepts that are relatable to creating a plan. Consistency of look, feel, and coloring made the campaign recognizable and built a solid case for learning more about the program.

We also made sure to plug-in call tracking numbers and unique URL's so we could track the performance and ensure that the campaign ROI was worth the spend.