Renaming to reposition and grow

Background - For more than two decades, Development Advisors was a local Charlotte, NC, company specializing in negotiating companies’ incentives. DAI served various industries ranging from manufacturing to real estate development and more, adding value to the capital investment decisions of both privately and publicly traded clients. The company worked collaboratively with all parties - executive management, in-house and third-party project teams, and state and local government officials – to provide site selection, incentive negotiation, and compliance.

Challenge - Negotiating incentives is behind the scenes. Their process works are only realized at the end of a lengthy process. The benefits added significant improvements to a client’s financials, but the process is complex. The name Development Advisors was not descriptive of the substantial gains and potential benefits. A review of their materials determined that they were focusing on how they achieved results, not why a company should consult and use them in the first place. It was time to change that narrative.





Messaging the primary service benefit

GBC launched a complete marketing and brand audit to identify the mission, vision, unique selling proposition, and positioning. Then our agency assessed their logo sales sheets, identity collateral, and print advertisements. The organization prided itself on delivering outstanding results to clients. The expertise and influence they provided generated the best solutions and helped them maximize incentives and lower tax burdens.

Ultimately, they maximize opportunities for companies and leverage benefits for all parties involved. The third step consisted of a thorough review of the website, including analytics, bounce rate, where website traffic was originating, and how long it was staying on the site. After this deep dive, GBC and DAI found a disconnect between their name and their unique role. It was time for a name change to help power the company forward.



Going bold to grow forward

Based on the brand and marketing audit, GBC recommended a company name change: Maxis Advisors. MAXIS for the maximized benefits and opportunities.

The new name Maxis Advisors allows for growth and expansion in the marketplace. It is memorable and meaningful with the potential for longevity while honoring the past 25 years that built their outstanding reputation. The updated logo design used a strong font in bold capital letters to convey strength, trust, and sophistication.




Relationships and communication comprise the backbone of Maxis Advisors' work. They needed a professional marketing brochure that thoughtfully and thoroughly conveyed all of their services and benefits. The booklet orientation stands out in a world of 8.5 x 11 folders. A front pocket allowed space to slip in a personalized note, and the pocket itself had a business card slot. The letterhead and other corporate identity pieces featured clean design and bold use of the logo.


The current website had a great deal of content – too much in-depth detail that could overwhelm the user. It was focusing on the nuts and bolts, not the benefits. We recommended streamlining the content with a few key message points that would entice the visitor to reach out and learn more. Maxis Advisors launched its new name and website in August 2019 with an overwhelming and affirming reaction from clients and partners in the marketplace.



Having a presence at tradeshows and other corporate events was a key part of Maxis's marketing strategy. GBC created three pop-up banners, used as a complete set with all three, or individually depending on their audience. The first banner was a general-use Maxis banner that listed the four primary service areas. The second and third banners focused on their two primary services, Incentives and Site Selection. The design and messaging were kept concise and straightforward, with just enough content to catch someone's eye and stop by an exhibit booth to find out more and strike up a conversation.