Finding new direction

Background - Magnolia Coffee is a specialty coffee company offering delicious craft coffees roasted in small ready-to-order batches. They source Direct Trade coffees from small farms at origin to ensure sustainable pricing for the coffee producers and to help improve the lives of the coffee harvesters and their families. Their traveling and direct-sourcing also ensures they offer consistent, high-quality coffees and distinctive taste profiles year round.

Challenge - To be more known and grab more market share.





Roasting the competition

It was important to build a brand to stand out in a “sea” of coffee roasters and distributors. Magnolia consistently has some of the best coffees in the country (National Coffee Review) and yet they are not well known in the local and national markets.

We wanted to elevate and refine their brand and grab attention. Showcase the love and passion Magnolia has for their craft and create an aesthetic that shows it. Projects included a revised brand, new rockstar packaging, a robust website lots of social media.




Most brands want to be iconic and so does Magnolia. This takes considerable time and effort. To push this, we revised the logo to focus more on the mark / icon. Over time and consistency, it will be memorable and Magnolia will be more known by the icon.

That’s just one piece of this overall puzzle. A few of the other major pieces of this evolution included new label design, packaging, presentation, website development with convenience features, and a major push of awareness through multiple social media platforms.




We rebuilt the website from the ground up. Our focus was two-fold - capturing the artisan aspect of who Magnolia is and creating an emotive experience to convey the passion and quality they put into every roast. We also wanted the technology to be up-to-date. Easy ordering capabilities, location finder, fully responsive design for any device and a logical, easy to find anything/anytime navigation hierarchy. Go drink up.



We wanted to make a statement and wanted the audience to have quick recognition and retention. A consistent underlying design and hierarchy of importance of information was key to the overall strength of the labeling and packaging. Simplistic, not simple, bold and contrasting layout and design coupled with color coding each product allows the audience to anchor to either the color, name or roast degree, for easy remembering for future buying.

The function of the packaging is purposeful as well. Switching from the traditional square bag with the metal clasp roll top to a new resealable ziplock-style top improves freshness and shelf life.