Encouraging strategic growth

Background - Labor Panes specializes in commercial and residential window cleaning, pressure washing, and exterior cleaning services. The first Labor Panes was established in 2006 by a sole proprietor based in Charlotte, North Carolina. For nearly 15 years, the business grew with franchises throughout the Southeast.

Challenge - Labor Panes faced a few challenges: Window washing is typically a seasonal service, so they needed an effective way to communicate their entire menu of year-round services.

Expanding its franchise locations was a significant part of Labor Panes’ strategy. As with any new business venture, Labor Panes needed to find the right fit with new franchise owners. Over the years, they had identified the qualities necessary to launch a successful Labor Panes franchise. The current website served as effective marketing for new commercial and residential customers, but the site was now needed for employment and franchisee recruitment. Commercial services could be considered repetitive and dull, so the new design needed to combat that perception.





Shining a light on the services and benefits

GBC redesigned a logo that infused life and energy into the brand. The new website navigation would expand beyond a list of services and tell a story beyond the perceived drudgery of window and gutter cleaning. The fact was that there is camaraderie and fun and humor among the workforce.

It was time to highlight the attractive aspects of working in the commercial and residential services industry, including the ability to work outside, the satisfaction of working with your hands, and the freedom of not being tied to a desk or cubicle. Plus, the new site needed a robust section that served as a recruitment tool for new franchise owners.



Lifting the brand with fresh imagery and organized content

Labor Panes was asking entrepreneurs to invest significant time and resources in launching a franchise, so the logo and website needed to convey credibility and professionalism. The previous logo was dated. GBC came up with a look that incorporated crisp shades of green and blue and ample white space to convey a feeling of cleanliness and organization. GBC built out an additional section (or micro-site) with a complete overview of franchise ownership in promoting its franchise opportunities. Finding the appropriate person to launch a franchise is essential to ensure the success of any new business. It was necessary to convey the specific culture as part of the education. GBC updated Labor Pane’s photography with fresh, compelling images of its services, plus engaging video and drone footage.

GBC also performed a photoshoot at corporate meetings with photos of the franchise team participating in fun, outdoor recreation, and team-building activities. The result of this thoughtfully crafted content showcases the perfect balance of the fun and camaraderie of the workforce and legitimate, lucrative business opportunities.




The website and corporate identity pieces had two goals. Provide a clear, concise idea of Labor Pane's services for potential customers and help recruit potential franchise owners. The collateral design is visually clean and solid. It conveys credibility. The website navigation makes it easy to find the services one might need and the benefit of having them performed (i.e., investing in the long-term maintenance and appearance of one's biggest asset, the home). The website includes a fully-developed "mini-site" with specific messaging for potential franchise recruits.


\ POSTCARD & Brochure

Labor Panes serves both commercial and residential markets. GBC developed two separate pieces with distinct messaging and design for each prospect base. For commercial clients, Labor Panes created a trifold brochure with an overview of pricing and services and easy-to-locate information on getting a quote. It features straightforward design and images to leave behind with property managers and other professionals. The residential postcards took a more whimsical and playful approach in order to stand out among all of the basic direct mail. The images are bold and fun, but also clear. The fun approach proved to be the right one with each receiving a solid response.