Creating a Culinary Experience

Background - Givens Estates was going through a remodel of their dining spaces. The were making a significant change not only in the venues, but also the food quality and venue aesthetics. We were asked to name and design the logos for each venue.

Challenge - Creating a culinary experience for the next generation of Seniors is not an easy feat. We needed to create brands that felt like familiar spaces that they would visit off campus. This challenge came with bold strokes in the design of the venues and the interior design. We met this challenge by working closely with the team at Givens to build brands that will endure.



Exciting Brands For Exciting Venues

We wanted to ensure that the venue names and logos created a connection through the experience. Thinking about current trends in the culinary industry, we took inspiration from our consumer research in the dining space for modern restaurants. We thought through the menu, materials and design of the spaces worked with the sign company to create an unexpected experience in the senior living space.

For the staff and residents, we knew this would be an experience no different from eating at some of the most innovative restaurants in Asheville, NC.



Colors, Textures, & Tastes

Selecting the names came first. Learning how the spaces would be used, digging deep into the menus, and seeing the spaces gave us insights to name the venues with their own unique personalities. From there, the design flowed like a chocolate fountain. The colors matched the venues, the names took center stage, and the graphics brought everything together.

The Social Brew is a place where you can get a crafted coffee and pastry in the morning, and small bites in the afternoon. In the evening, the wine and beer are the stars of the show with small plates that enhance the social aspect of this amazing space.

Market + Craft is a multi-venue eatery. Walk up to the Wood-Fired pizza oven, design a signature salad, try an international flavor, or just get a stacked sandwich that will make your mouth water. Oh, and don't forget to pick up a few eggs, bread, vegetables, and some other staples on your way home.

Terrrene is special - "From the Earth". We designed and created a look and feel that would challenge a 5-star restaurant. We embraced the fine dining experience and set forth an expectation of high culinary cuisine. The brand is built to make the executive chef proud and to highlight the French Cooktop used as the centerpiece.


The website we built for Givens Estates focused on large imagery, an easy to navigate user experience, and calls to action that helped guide the user directly to a sales counselor. The effort of thinking through the photography and graphics along with an understated copy treatment has given them a clear message about the lifestyle that one might expect as they consider moving to this top-tier Senior Living Community. Every detail is covered, SEO and marketing automation is built into every corner of the site, and the results have been amazing. We are driving QUALIFIED leads with consistency and precise clarity of the prospect and their interests.



A signature brochure is not easy to create. Trying to leave a lasting impression once the prospect leaves the property can be difficult. The brochure we designed gave just enough information to be useful, but we were very careful to not overwhelm the prospect with useless details that didn't matter in the decision making process.

Similar to the website, we used large beautiful imagery of the campus and lifestyle and made sure it was consistent with our recently developed brand standards.



To capture photography at some communities is easy. To create a experience that communicates a beautiful lifestyle is not as simple. We wanted to capture the light, experiences, spaces, and people that make Givens Estates unique.

The goal was to build a beautiful story with images that could be used in every aspect of the marketing process. The client couldn't have been more pleased with the result.