Building a better brand

Background - Chiott Custom Homes has a long rich history in the Charlotte, NC region. They have built their business with a conservative approach that allows them to manage industry swings without impacting their bottom line.

Challenge - The Chiott team felt like the public and their clients didn’t understand the core beliefs and mission behind the brand. They knew who they were, they just couldn’t communicate the Chiott Custom Homes benefits with clarity. They also wanted to address the stereotypical issues in the industry.





Looking at the foundation

The Chiott team knew they needed to rethink their messaging. Pretty pictures of homes and the promise of your dream home were not enough to ensure longevity in a more competitive market. Partnering with GBC was their answer.

We dug deep to learn their challenges by pulling everything back and looking at the foundation. Then we created a plan that would stand the test of time.



From blueprint to reality

We started with the strategy and brand platform. Once we established a strong basis for the reason, we moved on to the new logo and tagline. We combined a new modern look with a strong foundational statement “Building for a Lifetime.”

Then started the process of internal and external branding and messaging. Scroll down to learn more about a few of the components.




The look and feel needed to be elegant, sophisticated and up-to-date with a touch of modern. We wanted to extend our messaging into the clean and simple structures of the identity, website redesign and other specific projects. Our team went to great lengths to design a compelling and cohesive aesthetic and message that leads the audience to see and feel the quality, service and level of detail that Chiott always delivers upon.



The Integrity Campaign was one of the launching pads for Chiott’s new brand and communication to the public. We chose to feature some of the team at Chiott to show transparency. We allowed them to tell the audience what INTEGRITY meant for the Chiott brand in a campaign called “In Our Own Words.” We coupled that with a fashion style shoot in spaces that allowed the content and person to shine.

The main goal was to communicate what made them different and to address some of the common issues in the industry head-on. We moved away from just showing pretty pictures of homes, and went for a more straight forward, transparent, reason to hire them to build your next custom home.