Broadening horizons

Background - Carlyle Place has been Central Georgia's first and only Life Plan Community (CCRC) since it opened its doors in 2001. After a decade of serving senior adults in the Macon, Georgia area, its occupancy rates began experiencing noticeable, steady attrition.

The 15-year mark is a typical "life cycle" for a typical senior living community. However, even with an increase in its marketing budget with a more aggressive approach in the Macon market, the occupancy wasn't moving the needle, and the dip into current occupancy was a steady drip.


We partnered with a market research firm that specializes in the senior care industry. The data delivered both good news and "not-so-good" news. The good news was that Carlyle Place had an excellent reputation and name recognition in the immediate Macon community.

However, the challenge was that Carlyle Place had not only penetrated their local market, but they had saturated it in terms of growth and opportunity. Identifying new opportunities given the local area's limited growth potential became priority number one.

Using insights from the research and demographic data from the community's current residents our marketing team identified potential markets outside the local area. We also worked to identify and cultivate new audiences such as adult children of senior adults and financial advisors/professionals who help steer retirement planning.


Based on all the information and research it was time to take the show on the road. Carlyle Place’s sale team was up for the new adventure.

We ran reports using demographic personas in specific geographic segments identifying areas with a concentration of likely customers. From these areas, we scheduled seminars at hotels and restaurants throughout these secondary markets. We helped identify the markets, secure the venues, and promote the educational seminars.




Making introductions

Unlike Florida or areas on the coast, Macon, Georgia isn't a typical top-of-mind retirement destination. It's a hidden gem in need of introduction. Our direct mail strategy needed a phase-out. We started with an introductory self-mailer months out before each seminar event with the title "Consider Macon for Your Retirement." The messaging highlighted features in the local area that would make Macon attractive to senior adults including a better cost of living, predictable climate, Southern charm, vibrant arts & culture, quality healthcare, and, of course, Carlyle Place. This first introductory mailer directed the audience to visit a website landing page for additional reasons why Carlyle Place and Macon were ideal for retirement.

The second mailing was a self-mailed, tri-fold seminar invitation to the seminar “Our representatives will be in your area and you are invited, etc.” The design featured lifestyle graphics of Macon and the life plan community campus with messaging that invited the audience to a free luncheon seminar. The third and final direct mailing was a follow-up after the seminar date that offered incentives such as special pricing on entrance fees if the recipient signed a move-in contract before the deadline.



Two years into this successful and ongoing strategy, creative and execution, Carlye Place continues to hone its message and use its segmentation tools to expand into new geographic markets.