Applying innovation

Background - Applied Leadership Coaching (ALC) is an executive coaching service that helps leaders realize their purpose and develop their goals. Its team members are leadership experts and workshop facilitators with work experience and coaching proficiency to address clients’ specific needs and people their future success.

Challenge - ALC is the realized dream of owner and founder Tim Gustafson. After serving an outstanding 30-year leadership and project management corporate career, Gustafson launched ALC started as a one-person operation. As he added clients, he surrounded himself with amazingly talented, influential, and diverse leadership coaches to meet and match clients’ needs. The organization needed to reset and take steps to pivot away from its initial concept as an individual operation.





A brand that stands out

The GBC and ALC worked together and agreed that it was time to establish themselves as a robust organization. Tim Gustafson’s role as founder was essential to the culture and mission.

Still, with an expert team of coaches, ALC needed a more developed identity to showcase its coaching team’s diverse expertise and impressive credentials. It was time for an updated look and online presence that exemplified its polish, organization, and professionalism.



Reimagining Leadership

ALC’s new logo used a clean, corporate look to reflect the professionalism and expectations of the clientele, consisting of CEOs and other C-suite professionals. The solid blue letters convey trust and expertise, given the close relationship necessary for effective communication and successful coaching. The yellow underline provides energy and optimism consistent with goal setting and achievement.




The new website navigation provided a thorough overview of all the services as well as an educational component for a better understanding of what "leadership coaching is and is not." The objective of the updated look and more robust website was to reflect the legitimacy, expertise, and professionalism. Corporate identify materials included a four-color trifold brochure that provided a list of services and benefits of leadership coaching. The brochure content also featured ALC's additional services, including facilitating workshops, speaking engagements, and team and individual coaching. The letterhead prominently featured the updated logo included the right details for communicating with ALC for the perfect representation of their brand.



Successful leadership coaching is dependent on positive relationships, trust, and a client's comfort level with their coach. Producing a few podcasts was a great way to launch that relationship, in a professional yet conversational format. Jason Neman of GBC interviewed Tim Gustafson about "all things" coaching and leadership. Not only did the podcasts inform the audience about the background and benefits of coaching, but it introduced Tim and set the stage for developing a future relationship.